May 08
Bailee and Patti out and About in Vancouver

Bailee and her mom were spotted enjoying a beautiful day in Vancouver yesterday. Our girl looked very stylish and cheerful, as always. She better watch out, because I'm planning on stealing that gorgeous yellow bag! It's so beautiful! You can find the pictures in our gallery. Enjoy!

Posted by: Juli

May 06
Hey guys! Just a quick note to point out that there was a mistake in the Alex's Lemonade Party flyer I posted yesterday. The date was wrong, the event is actually being held on May 12.  Sorry about that! Remember to spread the word!
Posted by: Juli

May 05
Alex's Lemonade Party and Official Pages

Bailee is hosting a party with Alex's Lemonade to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer. So if you're near Ft. Lauderdale you should definitely take a look at the flyer below. If you're not able to attend, you can always make a donation on Bailee's fundraising page. It's such a wonderful cause!

In other news, you can now keep up with Bailee through her official whosay page and her brand new Official Facebook page! Isn't that awesome? You should like them and spread the word! That's all for now, guys. I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Posted by: Juli

Apr 28
"Smart Cookies" Set and Candid Pictures

Hey guys! First of all, I'm sorry things have been kind of slow around here. Univeristy is taking most of our time these days. That being said, our girl has been quite busy too. She's still in Vancouver filming "Smart Cookies" and it seems like she's really enjoying it. A few lovely pictures from the set have been added to the gallery. How cute is her Girl Scout outfit? Go check them out!

Also, she's taken some time off to hang out with her friend, Leven Rambin. The two of them were spotted out having some fun today. These pictures are beyond cute! They both look adorable and it seems like they were having a great time together. You can also find those pictures in the gallery. That's about it for now. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! 

Posted by: Juli

Apr 17
Bailee on the set of "Smart Cookies"

A few lovely pictures of Bailee having fun on the set of "Smart Cookies" have popped up. You can find them in the gallery, here.  They were taken yesterday and, let me tell you, Bailee and her mom look so happy and cheerful, it's actually quite contagious. I dare you to look at these pictures without smiling yourselves! Go ahead!

Posted by: Juli

Apr 15
"Cowgirls 'N Angels" Premiere At DIFF
Yesterday, April 14th, Bailee flew all the way from Vancouver (where she is currently filming Hallmark Channel's "Smart Cookies") to Dallas for the premiere of "Cowgirls 'N Angels" at the Dallas International Film Festival. I've only been able to find five pictures so far, but the good news is they're all HQ. Bailee looked absolutely gorgeous at the premiere. I love her lime green dress! Go check the pictures out and if you find more, be sure to e-mail us. We'd really appreciate it!

Posted by: Dani

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