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Jan 25
"Powers" Update
Powers’ Fate Should Be Known By March 1, Charles Dutton SaysWe learned just last week that Powers is in limbo while FX decides whether to reshoot the pilot for its “difficult” adaptation of the long-running comic series. Executives indicates, somewhat vaguely, that the future of the project would be known within the next couple of months. Now, however, we have a more concrete date: March 1.“Last I heard, without bugging FX, is that they don’t know either … but they have to come up with something fast, because on March 1, everybody’s deal changes,” Charles S. Dutton, who plays Captain Cross, told MTV News at the Sundance Film Festival. “If I was a betting man, I would be hedging the bet, because we’re getting close to that contract date.”Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, Powers follows Christian Walker (played by Jason Patric) and his new partner Deena Pilgrim (Lucy Punch), homicide detectives in the Powers division assigned to investigate crimes involving people with superhuman abilities. The pilot also stars Charles S. Dutton as Captain Cross, Bailee Madison as Calista, Titus Welliver as Triphammer, Alona Tal as Zora, and Carly Foulkes as Retro Girl, the popular superheroine whose murder leads to Walker and Pilgrim’s partnership.Although FX President John Landgraf said in August that he thought Powers could reinvent the superhero genre on television, the series hit a snag when executives asked Charles “Chic” Eglee (The Walking Dead, The Shield) to rework the pilot script to address issues of tone and clarity. Now the network is left to decide whether to move ahead with reshoots on what Landgraf calls “as difficult an adaptation as I’ve ever worked on.”Dutton seemed to agree, describing Powers as a “tough translation.” “I thought that the pilot was pretty good,” he said, “but it had some concept problems.”Source
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Jan 15
GBK's Golden Globes Gift Lounge + Hallmark Evening Gala
Our girl was quite busy yesterday. She attended not only one, but two events. She was first spotted at GBK's Golden Globes Gift Lounge 2012, looking amazing as always. Later that day she went to the Hallmark Evening Gala, which was part of the 2012 TCA Winter Press Tour. I have to say, I'm in love with her outfit! She looks stunning. Her sister, Kaitlin, was there too, and she looked absolutely stunning as well. Go check the photos out in our gallery!

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Jan 14
"A Taste Of Romance" Today!
If you live in the USA, remember to watch "A Taste Of Romance" today, at 8/7c, on Hallmark Channel. You can visit the movie's official site for more information. In other "A Taste Of Romance" related news, I've added some stills and a new picture from the promo photoshoot to our gallery. My favorite is the one of our girl with the firefighter hat on. I've also found an on set interview Bails did when she was filming the movie last year. You can watch it below.

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Jan 13
"Good Day LA"
Bailee was on "Good Day LA" yesterday promoting her Hallmark movie "A Taste Of Romance". It's such a great interview! Make sure to watch it below.
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Jan 08
Alex's Lemonade Stand Pictures and New Photoshoot
As you probably know, Bailee hosted an Alex's Lemonade Stand yesterday. Some lovely pictures popped up online and it seems like it was quite a success!! You can take a look at them in our gallery. Bailee looked beautiful and so did her mom and sister. I love everyone's outfits. Also I found a new photoshoot picture of our girl. I added it to the gallery here. She looks so beautiful and grown up!
Posted by: Juli

Jan 06
New Photoshoot Picture
Sun Sentinel published an article about Bailee's upcoming Alex's Lemonade Stand (read Dani's previous update) and they included a lovely picture from the Amy Beth Bennett pothoshoot our girl was part of a few months ago while she was promoting "Don't Be Afraid of The Dark". I'm so happy to get another picture from that session! It's one of my favorites. Go take a look at it in the gallery!Also, a quick note to let you guys know we're working on fixing the tagboad. It'll be back up as soon as possible!
Posted by: Juli

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