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Aug 08
"Dont Be Afraid of The Dark" Press
It seems like Bailee has been super busy promoting "Don't Be Afraid of The Dark" these days. It makes sense considering the movie comes out in only 18 Days. How exciting! She spent a day doing press in Florida and got a lovely photoshoot done in the process! Make sure you give our gallery a visit to take a look at these pictures because they are all beyond adorable. I love her new hairstyle, don't you?
Also, Bails was on the PIX Morning Show today. It's a fun interview and you can watch it below:
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Aug 05
"Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" Stills & TV Spot
I told you we would get our hands on brand new "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" promotional stuff soon! Three stills of the movie have been added to our gallery. You might recognize two of them from the official site, but these are the full (and HQ!) versions. Also, a very creepy TV Spot was uploaded earlier this week to the film's official YouTube Channel. Oh, and the movie comes out this month! Is anyone else as excited to see it as I am?!
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Jul 29
Another "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" Clip!
IMDb uploaded an exclusive clip of "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark"! The clip shows Sally trying to free the creatures. Click here if you're interested in watching it. I wouldn't recommend watching it if you're easily scared, but if you are not, hurry up and watch it already! Bailee is fantastic in it... Also, did you notice that the movie comes out in less than a month?! I bet we'll get our hands on even more "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" stuff soon!
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Jul 28
Guy Pearce talks about Working With Bailee
Guy Pearce, who plays Bailee's dad in "Don't Be Afraid of The Dark", gave an interview to where he talked about the film and about working with Bailee. It seems like our girl made quite an impression on him. Check out the things he said about her:
How do you make a scary movie about a little girl without scaring the little girl?Guy Pearce: "Well, you cast Bailee [Madison] who's just so mature, and I think in a way she took it on - she seriously took it on. You see the movie and you see how much screaming and crying and panic and all this sort of stuff she's got going on, and she was just really quite phenomenal in being able to go there, you know? American kids are a bit like that anyway. American kid actors are amazing that they can have such a grasp of their emotional state [...]So, how was working with Bailee and playing her father?Guy Pearce: "I was intimidated by it, you know? Katie Holmes and I are like, 'Okay, we better get our sh-t together.' Well, she's a little smarty pants, and I don't mean that in a bad way. You'd be reading through a scene and you'd go to say a line and you'd go, 'Hang on, what is it?,' and she'd just say it. She just knew everyone's dialogue off the top of her head. So she was definitely someone to try and live up to.""The tricky thing is that as much of a command of what it is that she's doing, and as much of an intelligence that she might have and as much of a sort of a confidence in all of that, she's still a little kid, and as a little kid you're kind of playing with fire a little bit, I think, particularly doing something like this. And so there were days when I'd see Bailee at the end of a big scene have to break down and cry because you can't not. You're bringing all that stuff to the surface, and I'll still do that, I'll do a heavy scene and come home at the end of the day and have to do it. You're just bringing it to the surface and it has to boil over. So, it was emotional and kind of overwhelming watching her work. She was incredible. [Laughing] We're secretly going, 'This is fantastic, but I hope you're okay. Glad she's not my kid or I'd have to look out for her at night.'" [ Source ]
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Jul 24
Kaitlin joins Twitter!
Kaitlin, Bailee's sister, decided to join the Twitter world earlier this week! Her account is @KaitlinAnnRiley. Let's give her a warm welcome and follow her! She's very, very sweet and down-to-Earth, so you won't regret it!
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Jul 22
More "Don't Be Afraid of The Dark" Interviews
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