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Nov 11
"Wizards of Waverly Place" Set Pictures and More
Hey guys! As some of you have noticed, I added a few more pictures of Bailee on the set of "Wizards of Waverly Place" the day of her birthday to our gallery. Aren't they adorable? My favorite is the one with just her. That icecream looks delicious! hahaha. I have also added a picture from back in 2009, when Bailee was in Australia shooting "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark". Can you believe it's been that long? I feel like we were admiring those beautful pictures from the set just yesterday. Crazy!!
I also updated the reviews page and added a sweet quote from director Troy Nixey about casting Bailee as Sally to the They Say section. You can also read it below:
"Bailee Madison’s role was probably the toughest because we saw every girl from age eight to nine in North America. She came along towards the end because she had been working on another movie. She walked in the room and you immediately knew there was something about her because she is so engaging and so talented."
Posted by: Juli
Nov 10
More "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" Reviews
So, the critics loved our girl in "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark". The people who saw the movie at the Virginia Film Festival keep writing amazing reviews about Bail's performance:
Though the man totally got lucky with the casting of Bailee Madison as Sally, who proves herself to be a young talent worth looking out for. The 10 year old is proficient in playing a fairly nuanced character, but moreover she carries the emotional baggage for the audience that centers the film.{Source}
Madison as the beleaguered child is terrific, sensitive and saucy and just the type of tyke who can release the forces of nature, both good and evil.{Source}
Bailee Madison carries this film on her shoulders and she does it amazingly well!{Source}
Posted by: Dani
Nov 08
"Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" Reviews
"Dont Be Afraid of the Dark" had a screening at the Virginia Film Festival and some of the lucky ones who got to see it wrote their reviews. Here's what they had to say about our girl's performance:
Young Bailee Madison is key to the success of these segments. She is, without question, the standout element of the film: a tough, scared, unsentimental, unaffected child performance. With better projects under her belt, she could have a Dakota Fanning-level career ahead of her.{Source}
In terms of the acting, all three leads do a fantastic job, particularly Bailee Madison and Katie Holmes. The only thing I’d seen Bailee Madison in was Brothers (which she did great in), but I was really astounded by how good she was in this. It’s tough for adults to act convincingly in horror films, which makes it all the more impressive that a 10 year old carries the weight of most of the pivotal scenes and scares on her shoulders.{Source}
How amazing is that? I can't wait to see this movie!! I hope they don't keep us waiting for too long!
Posted by: Juli
Nov 08
"Power of Youth" Interviews
Interviews from the red carpet at Power of Youth keep on popping up! Check out these too, they are so cute! In the first one Bailee talks about her birthday on the Wizards of Waverly Place set and in the second one she tells us what's her secret for "Keeping it real" in the business. I know I've promised to revamp the Media Center and still haven't. I promise you It'll be the first thing I'll do when my University year is over, in a few weeks. There are so many videos to add!! In the meantime, enjoy these!
Posted by: Juli
Nov 05
"Just Go With It" Trailer
Yes!! The trailer for "Just go With It" is finally out and, Oh God! This movie looks hilarious! I can not wait to see it! Bailee is featured at the end of the trailer and it seems like her role is going to be so funny!! I'm so excited to see more! Take a look at it below:
{Edit} I just added a few HD Screencaps from the trailer to the gallery, enjoy!!
Posted by: Juli
Nov 04
"New Wizards Star Bailee Madison Spills Secrets!"
New Wizards of Waverly Place star Bailee Madison spills about Selena Gomez AND tells us a surprising secret from the set!
Posted by: Dani
Nov 03
New section: Ask Bailee!!!
I have an amazing site update for you guys today!!! Juli and I are very, very, very excited about this, so we hope you like this idea as much as we do! There's a new section on the site called Ask Bailee, and the name pretty much says it all, Bailee herself will reply some of your questions! How fantastic is that?! We will choose the ten questions we think are the most interesting and send them to Bails every two weeks. So, what are you waiting for? Go ask Bailee what you've always wanted to know! And just so you know, Bails is doing this because she wants to interact with her fans as much as possible... Isn't she awesome? But you have to remember she's a very busy young lady and might not always have time to reply the questions.
Posted by: Dani
Nov 02
Important Information + Starlight Halloween Event
We have received some very important information regarding Bailee's Facebook account, so read carefully: Bailee does NOT have a Facebook account. Her account was deleted and she has been trying to create a new one, but Facebook keeps deleting it. That means all the accounts you see on Facebook are fake, they are just people pretending to be Bailee. We would really appreciate it if you guys could report as many fake Facebook accounts as possible, so that they get deleted and Bails can eventually create a new one.We also wanted to let you know about a girl named Bailey Flores. For the past year, she has been claiming she knows Bailee and that she is going to interview her. This is not true. We are sure she meant no harm, but, please, stop sending her questions, because they will not get replied.It's not all serious news around here, though, so let me tell you about the event Bails attended this weekend: She went to Starlight's Spooktacular Sleepover Great Escape, and not only do we have new pictures, but we have new pictures, which are just too cute for words. You are probably wondering why, well, the answer is pretty simple... Bailee dressed up as Minnie Mouse for the event! Go check the photos now, if you can handle the cuteness!
Posted by: Dani
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