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Aug 26
"Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" Out In Theaters!
"Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" was released all over the U.S today! This is our girl's first lead role, so if you live there, run to the nearest cinema and watch it! Our very own Juli said Bailee's performance is amazing and that the movie is fantastic, too. If you want to know if the movie was released in your country, click here.
Posted by: Dani

Aug 25
"Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" Reviews
"Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" opened here in Argentina today and I was lucky enough to see it. I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I am by Bailee's performance. She absolutely owned the movie. The film is amazing and you are all going to love it! Of course, I'm not the only one who's been blown away by our girl's wonderful acting skills. I updated the movie's reviews page and let me tell you, cricits have nothing but amazing things to say about Bailee!
1. "Bailee Madison, undoubtedly Hollywood’s most promising young actress, yet again shows her dramatic range, and it’s impressive."Amy Zanlungo @ Denver Cinephile Examiner2. "The movie depends so much on the little girl, played by Bailee Madison with pluck, intelligence and a righteous temper. When children are endangered in horror movies, it's no fun if they just scream and run away. That's taking a cheap shot. Sally is brave and determined, and Madison is an effective young actress."Roger Ebert @ RogerEbert.Com3. "Not only is Madison quite adorable, but the character herself snags all of your sympathy from the moment she steps on screen. She’s a seemingly sad kid being bounced between her divorced parents; how can you not feel for her? Rubbing it in even further is Madison herself as at just 9-years-old during production, she’s as talented as they come. As she’s the center of this story, without a stellar Sally, this supernatural tale wouldn’t have been believable in the least. However, Nixey found a young actress capable of selling it big time, making the experience unnervingly authentic. The adult characters suffer the slightest bit as Madison steals the show.Perri Nemiroff @ ShockYa.Com4. "However, while the pair are touted as the film’s headliners, it’s 9-year-old actress Bailee Madison that offers the real standout performance among the film’s human cast members."Rick Marshall @ Yahoo News5. "Bailee Madison is the person to watch in this movie, meaning that whether you're scared or not-and if you're an adult who is familiar with these type of work you won't particularly be-you may be intrigued more by the interplay of the human folks than by the pitter-patter of the generic monsters."Harvey Karten @ MovieWeb16. "But this movie rests on Madison's small shoulders and she acquits herself amazingly well, giving a poised, believable performance as a little girl going from sullen to curious to terrified by what she encounters in that house. She and Holmes form a nice rapport, and I was amused to discover in the opening scenes that they were not playing mother and daughter, as they actually resemble one another and the trailers had me thinking what a good job they did finding a kid who we could buy as Holmes' daughter."Eric Goldman @ IGN7. "The young Bailee is asked to carry this tale and she is a marvel to watch."Joe Belcastro @ Examiner.Com8. "Madison does an impressive job carrying the film bringing a natural sympathy we need in a protagonist with a nice dose of obnoxiousness that makes her feel like a real kid."James Rocchi @ The Playlist
"Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" opens tomorrow in the US. You should definitely go see it if you're old enough. You won't be sorry!
Posted by: Juli

Aug 24
Exclusive "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" BTS Video
"Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark"'s official Facebook page has an exclusive behind the scenes video. It's super interesting to see how they made the movie, and Bailee's co-workers have nothing but nice things to say about her. Make sure to watch it. You can do so here.
Posted by: Dani

Aug 24
Guy Pearce on "Working With Bailee Madison"
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Aug 22
"The Light And Dark Of Bailee Madison"
There is a certain kind of light that shines from Bailee Madison.It is there as she quick-steps across a South Beach hotel room shrouded in artificial darkness, tangled with power cords linking video cameras, lights and other trappings of the Hollywood publicity tour. It is more apparent as she gets closer, radiant in a party-pink dress and sling of pearls. It is almost palpable when she arrives, offering a hand, a bright smile and an unnecessary and disarmingly poised, "Hello, I'm Bailee Madison.""Yes, you are," you think.What is it? An energy, an aura ... fueled by what, exactly? Confidence, yes. Certitude, maybe. You can't really call it star power: Bailee is 11.Maybe it's more simple than that. Happiness? Bailee Madison is certainly happy to be here."This is a wonderful dream," she says later. "But it could all stop tomorrow."Bailee, a Fort Lauderdale native, stars in the creepy new horror flick "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark," produced by award-winning Mexican stylist Guillermo De Toro ("Pan's Labyrinth" and "Hellboy") and directed by comic book artist Troy Nixey. The Film District movie is based on a 1973 made-for-TV film of the same name and scary enough ("Scary in a beautiful way," Bailee says) to earn an R rating. It hits theaters nationwide on FridayAug. 26.Bailee plays the daughter to Guy Pearce, who takes custody of her from a flighty ex-wife and moves the girl into the historic, "Dark Shadows"-style mansion he is remodeling with his girlfriend (Katie Holmes) in a thicket of perpetually gray woods (Australia standing in for Rhode Island). As with any remodel, unforeseen problems arise, in this case the reawakening of a nest of ancient goblins who attempt to befriend the girl. At first.One of the revelations of the movie is Bailee's sullen, brooding portrayal of an anxiety-pill-popping tween tortured by her parents' indifference and her own loneliness.In other words, the complete opposite of the life Bailee has led growing up in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea with her mom, Patti, and siblings Sean, 26, Kaitlin, 25, and Conor, 23. Patti is mystified by her daughter's ability to summon such darkness. But, as Bailee is quick to point out, that's why they call it acting."To be something that you're not is a real challenge, but I had people that helped me," she said. "You just kind of roll the dice ..."Read full article...
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Aug 20
Huge "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" Stills Update!
You're in for a treat today, Bailee fans: I've just added 73 HQ stills of Bailee as Sally in "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark"! Yes, you read right 73 stills! Although, before you run to see them, you should read this Warning: Some of the pictures are VERY spoiler-y. There are even some stills from the last few scenes of the movie. If you are planning to see the movie, you should be very careful with these or wait until after the movie to see them. I've also added some on set pictures, and those are spoiler free. There is another on set picture I found, but I'm not adding it, because it's literally the ending of the movie. I will add that one after the DVD comes out. You've been warned, take a look at the pictures at your own risk!
Posted by: Dani

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