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May 28
Bailee Thanks Postar! Readers
Bailee made a video thanking everyone for their support and for voting for her at PopStar!. It's very sweet and how gorgeous is that beach? Looks like she's having an amaazing time! Watch the video below:
Posted by: Juli

May 23
Belle's New Look
As you can probably tell, the site has a new layout!. It was made by me and I really hope you like it!. It features pictures of Bailee at the "Brothers" Press Conference. Those have to be some of my favorite pictures of Bailee, dont you just love them?. Pretty much every page on the site has been updated, so you should definitely take a little tour around!. We also added some new pages!. Here's a list of the main changes:
Pages Updated001. Biography (Bailee's life so far)002. Resume (Separate Pages for each project)003. Facts (Random and interesting facts on Bailee)004. Press Articles (See what people have written about Bailee and her work)005. Past Layouts (Take a look at Belle's old clothes)006. Credits and Thanks (All the people who have made this site possible)New Pages001. Worked With (A list of people Bailee has worked with)002. Birthday Projects (Belle's way of celebrating Bailee's Birthdays)003. Site Map (The Belle Pages, all in one place)
I also added a few random pictures to the gallery!. Check them out by clicking the pictures below!. I hope everyone likes the new look and as always, contact us if you have any problems or if you find any broken links or mistakes. Enjoy!!.
Posted by: Juli

May 13
Having Fun On Set
Looks like Bailee is having a fantastic time filming Just Go With It in Hawaii!. She was spotted on set again yesterday making sand castles with her co-stars. It looks like so much fun! Makes me want to go to the beach soon! haha. We're happy to see such a wide smile on her face, we're glad she's having a good time!. I added the pictures to our gallery, and also thanks to my wonderful friend Jade I was able to get some HQs and new pics from the Just Go With it set, in general, you can find those by looking at our last uploads in the gallery!.
Posted by: Juli

May 11
Filming "Just Go With It"... Again!
Our girl has been very busy lately! She was spotted filming "Just Go With It" in Hawaii several times in the last few days. I love the outfits she's wearing... Looks like Maggie is a very stylish character, just like Bailee. Anyways, let's hope she continues to have fun in Hawaii!
Posted by: Dani

May 06
Filming "Just Go With It"
Bailee was spotted filming Just Go With It again. She looked absolutely adorable in what is in my opinion, the cutest swimming suit on Earth!. It looks like she's enjoying her time in Hawaii!. You can find the pictures in the gallery.
In another note, Bailee's new movie 25 Hill has now an official site!. It has loads of production pictures and even a trailer!! Bailee's not featured in it , or in the pictures, but you should definitely take a look anyways, it looks like a great, touching movie. You can find the site at
Posted by: Juli

Apr 29
"Just Go With It" On Set Video Screencaps
I added + 40 screencaps of the "Just Go With It" on set video PopStar! uploaded. Bailee has the cutest expressions! And, in case you haven't seen the video and are interested in watching it, you can find it here.
Posted by: Dani

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