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Jul 21
First "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" Poster!
As we told you a few weeks ago, "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" will be showing a preview at Comic-Con on July 23rd, and guess what? For Comic-Con promotion, they've released the first movie poster! It features Bailee's character, Sally, but it's like a drawing, not a real photo. Still, very exciting, right? Also, there's an official site now, but it doesn't really have much, just the movie logo. I'm sure they'll add more content to the site soon.
Posted by: Dani

Jul 14
Pray for Maddy
Bailee's new puppy Maddy has been having health problems recently, she even had to go to the hospital. We're asking all of you, Bailee fans, to please pray for her and the Madison family, or just to keep them in your thoughts, if you're not religious. I know Bailee and her family would really appreciate it. Let's hope Maddy gets better soon!
Posted by: Dani

Jul 14
New Gallery Layout
Just a tiny note to let everyone know that I just put up a new gallery layout!. It features pictures of Bailee at the Twilight Fan Event a few weeks ago. Let me know what you think, I really hope you like it!.
Edit: Another quick note. Bailee will actually be in Law & Order: SVU , not Criminal Intent. Sorry for the misunderstanding!. Also, huge thanks for the nice comments on the layout! I'm so happy you guys like it!.
Posted by: Juli

Jul 12
New Roles and Pictures
I have a very exciting update for you today! Where do I start?. Ok, first of all our girl has booked two new roles!!. The first one is in a TV Movie called "The Haunting Hour" and it will shoot in Vancouver after Bailee finishes filming 25 Hill. The second one is a guest role in the TV Show "Law and Order: SVU" . It's been a while since we last saw Bailee on TV! I'm really really excited! We'll tell you more about both roles as soon as we get more information on them. Congratulations sweet Bailee!That being said, we have some lovely pictures for you as well. The first one will melt your heart for sure! As you might know if you've seen Bailee's most recent interviews, she recently got a new puppy! Her name is Maddy and she is the cutest little thing. Bailee wanted to introduce her to you so we added a beautiful picture of her, Kaitlin and Maddy to the gallery. It is seriously adorable!. I also added two new photoshoot pictures. One of them was donated by my wonderful friend Marcela and it was taken by photographer Michael Maples. Isn't it lovely? Look how dark Bailee's hair was!. The other picture was taken by the amazing Robin Lorraine. We already had a picture from that shoot, but this one features Bailee and her sister Kaitlin and it's absolutely stunning!. That's it for now. Enjoy the new pics and let us know what you think by signing the tagboard!.
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Jul 09
"Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" at Comic-Con
The San Diego Comic-Con has posted the schedule for Friday, July 23 and guess what movie will be showing a first look then? Yes, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark!. These are awesome news, it means we'll be getting a trailer and probably some stills very soon! How exciting!!
Friday, July 232:15-3:45 Miramax Films: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark— Producer/co-writer Guillermo del Toro and director Troy Nixey present a first look at their new film Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, a hair-raising, spine-chilling tale of horror about a little girl (Bailee Madison) who is sent to live with her father (Guy Pearce) and his girlfriend (Katie Holmes) in the old mansion they are renovating, only to unwittingly unleash malevolent creatures bent on destroying all of them. Hall H From Comic-Con.Org
Posted by: Juli

Jun 30
"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" Fan Event Interview
A video interview of Bailee at the Summit Entertainment's "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" Fan Event was uploaded to YouTube this week. It's very interesting, so make sure to watch it below!
Posted by: Dani

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