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Aug 11
"Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" Trailer Screencaps
I was finally able to download a HD version of the "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" trailer and cap it. So, 39 screencaps of Bailee in the trailer have been added to the gallery. I really hope we get some stills from the movie soon. I really can't wait to see it!
Posted by: Dani

Aug 09
Bailee Singing And Dancing "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift
While on set for "25 Hill", Bailee was filmed singing and dancing Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" on July 27th. This video is just too sweet for words. Make sure you watch it here. Thanks to Carrie for pointing this out.
Posted by: Dani

Aug 06
35th Annual Toronto Film Festival
Short but great news: "Conviction" is set to have its premiere at this year's Toronto International Film Festival. The event will take place in September. If you want to read more about this year's festival click here.
Posted by: Dani

Aug 03
"Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" Teaser trailer!
Exciting news! The teaser trailer for "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" is finally online!! I cannot wait for this movie, it looks so good! You can watch it below, but I must warn you, it's very scary, so watch at your own risk.
Posted by: Juli

Aug 02
Troy Nixey on casting Bailee
Troy Nixey, the director of "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark", talked about what the casting process for the movie was like. He mentions little miss Bailee and I thought you'd all be interested in reading this:
Q: Can you talking about the process of choosing the cast, especially actors like Katy Holmes and Guy Pearce?Troy: We went to them very early Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce and Bailee Madison. Bailee was probably the toughest one. I think we saw every girl age 8 to 9 in North America. She came along towards the end. She had been working on another movie. When she walked into the room, you just knew immediately there was something about her. Shes just so engaging and so talented. Bringing Katie on, she has this maternal instinct that is so strong. I think she is going to really surprise a lot of people in this movie. It was a risk for her to take something like this and the level that she brought to this movie was [amazing]. It makes your job easier when you have an actor like that who gets the character and she just gives it to you every day. And Guy Pearce is a consummate professional who is so prepared. Hes just a fantastic actor to work with. I mean, they were all different in terms of their approach but they just worked together so well.Source
Posted by: Dani

Jul 31
Please, Pray for Maddy
Bad news. Bailee's puppy Maddy just had another seizure. Here at Belle, we're asking you to please pray for her and keep Bailee and her family in your thoughts. Let's hope she gets better soon.
@followbailee: Everyone can you please pray for my puppy Maddy. She just had another seizure!!!!!!! Please pass this message around and pry for her. Thx
{Edit} Bailee just tweeted the following:
@followbailee: Maddy is MUCH better! Thanks everyone for all he tweets:) woof!
I'm so glad to hear that! Thanks to everyone who prayed for Maddy.
Posted by: Dani

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