Aug 27
Alex's Lemonade Stand At The Daily Grill Burbank Video
I found a video of Bailee and her two friends talking about their Lemonade Stand at The Daily Grill. Take a look:
Posted by: Juli

Aug 24
Belle's Birthday Project
Hello Bailee fans!! Remember the Fashion Book we made for Bailee's Birthday last year? Well, this year we are making her something special as well and we want you to help us! The minisite for Belle's Birthday Project 2010 is up and you can make your submissions already! The site's layout was made by our very own Dani, isn't it beautiful? Go take a look and make sure you read the rules before making your submission!
Posted by: Juli

Aug 22
More "25 Hill" On Set Photos
More photos of Bailee on the set of "25 Hill" have been added to the gallery. These ones were submitted by the super nice Dale, who was lucky enough to be an extra in the film and meet our girl. Why are you still reading this? Make sure you go and check this super cute pictures right now!
Posted by: Dani

Aug 20
Alex's Lemonade Stand At The Daily Grill Burbank
Bailee volunteered at Alex's Lemonade Stand at The Daily Grill Burbank today, looking beautiful as always! I added a few pictures to the gallery and I'm working on adding more. Go take a look and remember to visit AlexsLemonade.Org to read more about their work and learn how you can help! It's a wonderful foundation!
Posted by: Juli

Aug 19
"Kids Of Courage" Event At Knott's Berry Farm
On August 17th, miss Bailee went to Knott's Berry Farm with Joey King, Gregg Sulkin, Daphne Blunt, Devon Werkheiser and some kids of the "Kids Of Courage" foundation. Today, some photos of Bails and everyone else were posted in the Internet. I have added those to the gallery. It looks like they had an amazing time!
Posted by: Dani

Aug 15
“25 Hill” stops at WAKR
Bailee was interviewed while being in Akron, alongside Nathan Gamble and Maureen Flannigan, who worked in "25 Hill" with her. They talked about the movie and some of their experiences on set. You can hear the interview here at RayHorner.Net. It is very interesting and fun! They also attached a little picture with the article, it's very small but I added it to our gallery anyways, it's adorable!.
Part of the cast of the soap box derby movie, “25 Hill” stopped by the WAKR studios to visit with Ray to talk about the film, the soap box derby and Akron. Actors Nathan Gamble (Trey), Bailee Madison (Kate) and Maureen Flannigan (Maggie) all visitedthe WAKR studios on their only day off in the Akron area.Source
Also, thanks to Just Jared Jr we now know that Bailee's new project "The Haunting Hour" will be aired in a new television network named "The Hub". You can take a look at their article here. They even included bigger pictures of Bailee on the set of Law & Order SVU, which I have added to our gallery as well. Enjoy!.
Posted by: Juli

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