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May 11
Filming "Just Go With It"... Again!
Our girl has been very busy lately! She was spotted filming "Just Go With It" in Hawaii several times in the last few days. I love the outfits she's wearing... Looks like Maggie is a very stylish character, just like Bailee. Anyways, let's hope she continues to have fun in Hawaii!
Posted by: Dani

May 06
Filming "Just Go With It"
Bailee was spotted filming Just Go With It again. She looked absolutely adorable in what is in my opinion, the cutest swimming suit on Earth!. It looks like she's enjoying her time in Hawaii!. You can find the pictures in the gallery.
In another note, Bailee's new movie 25 Hill has now an official site!. It has loads of production pictures and even a trailer!! Bailee's not featured in it , or in the pictures, but you should definitely take a look anyways, it looks like a great, touching movie. You can find the site at
Posted by: Juli

Apr 29
"Just Go With It" On Set Video Screencaps
I added + 40 screencaps of the "Just Go With It" on set video PopStar! uploaded. Bailee has the cutest expressions! And, in case you haven't seen the video and are interested in watching it, you can find it here.
Posted by: Dani

Apr 28
Keep Voting!
You can still vote for bailee for the Popsastic Awards, here. Keep telling your friends and spreading the word, we can do this!!. That being said, I just added 30 beautiful icons made by our amazing friend, Flor. You can view them here and here, at our icon archive. Thank you so much, Flor!.
Posted by: Juli

Apr 27
Vote for Bailee at Popstar
Head over to Popstar Online today and vote for Bailee! She's up for Best Female Newcomer. The poll isn't up yet, but keep checking the site, I'm sure it'll be up soon. We only have today to vote, so tell your friends and spread the word!. Let's help our girl get this deserved award!.
Edit: The poll is up already! So go ahead and vote! Don't forget to spread the word!!. Also, they have a cute video of Bailes on the set of Just Go with It you can watch it at Popstar Online or here, below:
Edit: Dani here! If you have Twitter, make sure to post this to support Bailee:"Vote today for @followbailee 4 the Poptastic Awards Female Newcomer and vote for her in the poll on the left!"
Posted by: Juli

Apr 26
More "Letters to God" Premiere Pictures
I added 3 new pictures to the gallery. Two are of Bailee getting ready for the "Letters to God" premiere and the other is of Bails at the actual premiere. "Hope is contagious"? Well, let's say Bailee's smile is too! Thanks to Laney for letting us know about these pictures.
Posted by: Dani

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