Oct 31
Huge Gallery Update
As you might have noticed, our gallery is (mostly) up-to-date now, because Juli made it her mission last weekend to add as many photos as possible. Here's a list of what's new:
012x China Anne McClain's Sweet 16 Birthday Bash
023x 4th Annual Streamy Awards
027x People StyleWatch 4th Annual Denim Awards
047x 2014 Operation Smile Gala
044x 5th Annual L.A. Loves Alex's Lemonade Annual Fundraiser
050x "Once Upon A Time" Season 4 Premiere
027x 12th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party
021x 4th Annual American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards
022x Knott's Scary Farm Celebrity VIP
014x ''Girl Up'' International Day Of The Girl Celebration 2014
007x Photoshoot: Roneil Chavez (2013)
003x Photoshoot: Marc Cartwright (2014)
001x Photoshoot: Lucas Rossi (2014)
003x Photoshoot: Frederic Charpentier (2014)
008x Photoshoot: Emily Soto (2014)
004x Scans: City & Shore Magazine (October 2014)
002x Scans: Thrifty Hunter (Fall 2014)
010x "The Fosters" Episode Stills

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Oct 15
Happy 15th Birthday, Bailee!!
We would like to wish our favorite girl an extremely HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY!! Bailee, we still can't believe you're turning 15 today. That's around the age we had when we started this website... 7 years ago. How crazy is that? Still, even though we are in denial, we wish you the very best on this special day. Let's hope it's filled with smiles, love, delicious food, Maddy kisses, and owl themed presents! We love you and miss you tons!!

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Aug 26
August 23rd Events
Quick update to let you know we've added photos of Bailee at several events she attended on August 23rd and to apologize for being so behind on the updates. Winter break is over here, so we don't have as much time to keep up with Bailee's busy life at the moment. We'll try to update as much as possible, though!

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Aug 26
New Guest Spot: "Mulaney"!
John Mulaney is about to meet his match - his 13-year-old female match.

Bailee Madison (Trophy Wife, The Fosters) will guest-star an upcoming episode of Fox's new fall comedy Mulaney, TVLine has learned exclusively, playing Ruby, the daughter of Julia, a woman Mulaney is dating. The snag? Mulaney wants out of the relationship, but he can't bring himself to dump Julia because it would mean giving up his friendship with Ruby

Ruby and Mulaney's connection might sound weird to you - and, to be fair, it kind of is - but consider this: Ruby is described as the 13-year-old female version of Mulaney, complete with his sophisticated sense of humor. (Her favorite movie, for example, is Blazing Saddles.)

... Read more?
It sounds like a fun role! Congratulations, Bailee! The TV show is set to premiere on October 5th, and she will guest star on episode 7.
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Aug 22
Dress Auction!
Bailee Madison shows off a few of her gorgeous dresses that she's giving away in a new partnership with Closets for Causes.

The 14-year-old Fosters actress has teamed up with the organization to raise more money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to finding cures for all kids with cancer.

"I'm so happy to partner with Closets For Causes where I can continue to support Alex and her family to raise awareness of childhood cancer one lemonade stand at a time," Bailee shared about the partnership.

Along with the eight vintage dresses that will be auctioned off from her 14th birthday party, Bailee is also offering a uniquely curated experience for one lucky bidder — a chance to meet Bailee and have lunch with her in Los Angeles. Sweet!

Bailee's auction will start NEXT Monday, August 25th @ 10AM PT on Closetsforcauses.com.

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Jul 17
"The Fosters" Episode 5
Bailee was in one scene on Monday's episode of "The Fosters". It was a very sweet scene, but it also gave us a bit more insight into Sophia's life. In case you missed it or simply wish to rewatch it, you can download a clip of said scene here. HD screencaps can be viewed by clicking the thumbnails below.

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