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Nov 27
Riley Grace Vilasuso

A huge congratulations to Kaitlin and Jordi who just welcomed their first daughter to the world. Riley Grace Vilasuso is the name of Bailee's niece, and she is so beautiful! Congratulations, Katie and Jordi! We love you guys!

@JordiVilasuso: At 5:11 am we welcomed Riley Grace Vilasuso to the world! We've never felt more in aww about the miracle of life!

@BaileeMadison: My beautiful little niece Riley Grace.. 6 pounds 7 ounces. Spread the joy & RT!!!!!!!!! :) Congratulations @KaitlinAnnRiley @JordiVilasuso

Posted by: Dani
Nov 22
Glamoholic Magazine
Bailee is in the current issue of Glamoholic Magazine. She has a four-page spread, featuring brand new photshoot pictures! She has grown so much, and looks amazing in every single photo. I'm really hoping we find more pictures from this photoshoot sometime in the future. Also, the interview Bails did for the magazine is super interesting. She talks about a lot of different topics. You can see the pictures and read the interview in our gallery.

Posted by: Dani
Nov 15
New "Parental Guidance" Trailer!
A hilarious new trailer of the movie "Parental Guidance" has been released! I laughed so much while watching it.

Posted by: Dani
Oct 30
"Parental Guidance" Gallery Update
I've added various photos of Bailee in "Parental Guidance" to our gallery. Let's hope we get more photos and videos soon, since the movie is coming out in December!

Posted by: Dani
Oct 23
"Watercolor Postcards" Trailer

The very first trailer of "Watercolor Postcards" is out! I absolutely loved it and really want to see this film. Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think!

Posted by: Dani
Oct 22
13th Birthday Celebration

Bailee's 13th Birthday Celebration took place two days ago in Fort Lauderdale, and we now have 60 photos of that in our gallery. Let me tell you, it seems like Bailee and her friends had tons of fun; they even got to carve pumpkins! And guess who was the guest of honor? Miss Maddy, Bail's dog! There are some super cute pictures of them together, so be sure to check them out.

Posted by: Dani
Oct 20
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
Bailee, Patti, Kaitlin and Jordi were at the opening night of the 27th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival last night. I've added several pictures of them at the event to our gallery. All I could think while saving the photos was "What a stunning group of people". Am I right, or not? Hahahahahahaha!

In other FLIFF related news, Bailee will host a screening of "Cowgirls 'N Angels tomorrow! The short animated film "Monica", in which Bailee voices the main character, will also be shown there. Following this, Bailee will receive the Star On The Horizon Award. How amazing is that? Congratulations, Bailee! Our girl told the press: "I'm incredibly humbled and so honored. It's such a great feeling to have your hometown behind you." You go, Bailee!

Posted by: Dani
Oct 15
Happy 13th Birthday Bailee!

As you might know, today is a very special day. Our girl is turning 13 years old! (I know, we can't believe it either). We hope she is having the beautiful day she deserves and that she gets everything she asked for on this very important date. We love you, sweet girl! Happy birthday!  

As promised, we put together all the wonderful messages and videos you guys sent us for Bails to see. I'm sure she'll love them just as much as we do! A huge thanks to everyone that made a submission, you are amazing! Click on the image below to see the Birthday Project.

Posted by: Juli
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