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Feb 09
Let's Help "Trophy Wife"

I don't know about you guys, but Dani and I have been enjoying this first season of "Trophy Wife" so much! We've grown to love these crazy characters a lot and it just gets more and more hilarious each episode. Not to mention it's awesome to get to see Bailee on TV every single week. 

Now, of course we don't want the fun to end, do we? We want the show to get a second season and, for that to happen, we need your help! All you have to do is sign this petition and tell all your friends about it. It only takes a few minutes!

Also, don't forget to watch the show every Tuesday and tweet about it while it's on air. Everything helps! You can read a few more tips on how to help the show here. Thank you guys, have a lovely week!

Posted by: Juli

Feb 05
"Trophy Wife": Episode 14
If you missed last night's episode of "Trophy Wife", or you want to rewatch our girl's scenes, today is your lucky day! Just click here to download the clips. And, as always, HD screencaps of the episode can be found in our gallery.

Posted by: Dani

Feb 03
"Trophy Wife": Episodes 11 To 13
If you click on the links below, you'll be able to download Bailee's "Trophy Wife" scenes from episodes 11 to 13. These are a great bunch of episodes! Some of my favorite Hillary lines are on episode 11, then you have tons of Hillary screentime on episode 12, and lastly, Bail's best friend, Payton, is on episode 13. Have fun watching the clips!

Episode 11 | Episode 12 | Episode 13

And don't forget to check out the HD screencaps from these episodes in our gallery!

Posted by: Dani

Feb 02
TCA Winter Press Tour: Hallmark Party
So, we're kinda late with this, but then again... It's better late than never! Bailee and her gorgeous sister Kaitlin attended Hallmark's Winter TCA Party a couple of weeks ago. Tons of beautiful photos of the event have been added to our gallery!

By the way, if you love "Trophy Wife", and want to support the show, please sign this petition and make sure to watch the show live! In case you're behind on the show, don't worry, because we'll be posting clips and screencaps of the latest episodes soon!

Posted by: Dani

Jan 10
40th Annual People's Choice Awards
Bailee attended the 40th Annual People's Choice Awards on Wednesday, representing the cast of "Trophy Wife" alongside her co-star Malin Akerman. I've added tons of beautiful photos of our girl at the event. Be sure to check them out in our gallery!

Posted by: Dani

Dec 21
"Trophy Wife": Episodes 7 to 10

Finals made me fall far behind on "Trophy Wife", but yesterday I finally finished catching up on the show, so... Guess who has a huge "Trophy Wife" update for you guys!

Hillary has been up to a lot these past few episodes. From being in a musical, to having a coyote pet, you name it! Clips from all her scenes can be downloaded by clicking the links below, and HD screencaps for the last few episodes can be found in our gallery. Enjoy!

Episode 7 | Episode 8 | Episode 9 | Episode 10

Posted by: Dani

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