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Feb 07
Another "Once Upon A Time" On Set Photo

Thanks to our friend Linny for sending us a new photo of Bailee on the set of her latest episode of "Once Upon A Time". Remember, her episode airs in early March, so let's hope we get even more gorgeous photos when the air date is closer.

Posted by: Dani
Feb 06
New layouts!
No, your eyes are not fooling you, Belle has a brand new layout! As much as we loved the previous one, it had been up for over a year, so Juli and I decided a layout change was long overdue. This one was made by me, Dani, and both Juli and I helped code and style it. I really hope you like it, becuase we spent a lot of hours working on it!

Our gallery also has a new layout! It was made by the amazing Juli. I love it so, so much. Isn't she incredibly talented?

Posted by: Dani
Jan 22
"Once Upon A Time"!

As some of you might know, Bailee was recently in Vancouver filming another episode of "Once Upon A Time"! Young Snow will be coming back on episode 2x15, "The Queen Is Dead", airing in early March. Isn't that exciting?! And the great news don't stop there; Pictures of the episode have already been released! If you visit our gallery you will find an episode still as well as an on set photo. Bailee looks beyond stunning... I can't get over how amazing her costume is.

Posted by: Dani
Jan 11
Teen.Com: "My Day, My Life"
Welcome to the latest episode of My Day. My Life.! This week, we're getting an inside look at Bailee Madison's jam-packed schedule! The 13-year-old is currently starring in Parental Guidance, along side mega-stars Billy Crystal and Better Midler, and she took us behind the scenes of a busy press day in NYC. Bailee starts off at 5:30 AM (!) by getting her hair and make up done, then she heads to talk shows Katie and The View. She even manages to catch up with her on-screen little brother during lunch! Not only does Bailee give us an inside look at her life, but she dishes out advice to teens, and talks about her experience of working with such big stars like Katie Holmes.

Posted by: Dani
Jan 08
"The Magic Bracelet" On Set Photos
I've added some gorgeous pictures of Bailee and her friend (and co-star) Hailee Steinfeld on the set of their movie "The Magic Bracelet" to our gallery. If you want to be up-to-date with everything that's going on with the film, be sure to "like" its Facebook page.

Posted by: Dani
Dec 28
Interviews: Promoting "Parental Guidance"
So, I thought I'd post some of the interviews Bailee has done while promoting "Parental Guidance". Enjoy!

Posted by: Dani
Dec 25
Merry Christmas + "Parental Guidance"
First of all, Juli and I would like to wish a Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it! We hope you had/are having a wonderful time. And what better present for a Bailee fan than a brand new movie out in theaters? That's right, "Parental Guidance" is now out in theaters in the USA! Be sure to check it out with your whole family.

Posted by: Dani
Dec 23
Visiting FanLaLa's Office
Thanks to Kelli for sending us HQ photos of Bailee at the FanLaLa office in Santa Monica earlier this month. These pictures are beyond cute! You can take a look in our gallery.

Posted by: Dani
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