Credits and Thanks

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Seb: For many clips and helpful donations. Thank-you so much
Caroline: For coming up with the idea of making this site and for her hard work during her time as part of the staff.
YouTubers: without them, we wouldn't have the beautiful videos.
Robin Lorraine: For allowing us to display her gorgeous photographs of Bailee.
PopstarOnline: For many videos, pictures and information.
Heidur: For hosting us, helping with lots of Bailee info and pictures and for buying our domain!. You are a great friend and a great source!

Special thanks to our lovely visitors and everyone who takes the time to comment on the tagboard and send us emails. Your comments, suggestions and donations mean a lot to us. We appreciate it greatly and the site wouldn't be what it is today without you!.

And of course our sweet Bailee Madison for being the reason we have anyone to thank at all.
You are an inspiration to all.

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