Oct 01
"Secretariat" Los Angeles Premiere
Our girl attended yet another event yesterday! She was at the "Secretariat" Los Angeles Premiere looking very stylish and beautiful. I've added some pictures to the gallery and I'm working on adding more. Check them out!
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Sep 30
Variety's 2nd Annual Power Of Women Luncheon
Bailee attended Variety's 2nd Annual Power Of Women Luncheon today looking adorable as always. Pictures just started popping up so I added a few to the gallery. Doesn't she look beautiful? And she got to see Katie Holmes! They look so happy to see eachother again! Very cute! I'll be adding more pictures as I find them, keep checking!
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Sep 23
Bailee on "Law & Order: SVU" Yesterday!
I hope everyone got to see Bail's performance in Law & Order: SVU yesterday! Words can not describe how amazing she was and how proud of her we are! She was wonderful! If you didn't get the chance to watch it, don't worry! We have some clips for you. Thanks go out to our friend Seb for donating them. I promise I'm going to add them to our media archive soon. It urgently needs updating and maybe a revamp, so I'll be working on that in the next few weeks. In the meantime, download the clips here:
Stay around, I'm going to be adding screencaps to the gallery in a few hours!. I just added lots of screencaps to our gallery . Enjoy!!
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Sep 22
"Law & Order: SVU" today!
The two-hour season premiere of "Law & Order: SVU" is today! Bailee's episode is the first of the season (first hour of the premiere) and it'll air at 9/8c on NBC. If you live in the USA, don't forget to tune in. I can tell Bails does an amazing job in the episode with just looking at the previews, so you don't want to miss it. Also, in case you haven't read our previous updates, here's a synopsis of the episode:
A foster couple (Cusack and Strauss) call Detectives Benson (Hargitay) and Stabler (Meloni) to the scene of the crime when their ten-year-old adopted daughter disappears. It soon comes to light that she ran away to meet with a man named Erik Weber (guest star Henry Ian Cusick), whom she met on the internet and whom Benson and Stabler suspect of ulterior motives regarding the girl. Weber denies any wrongdoing, and also expresses romantic interest in Benson. However, as the investigation continues, the detectives realize that the girl's foster parents may be hiding something that could change the entire course of the case.
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Sep 20
Mariska Hargitay's Blog
Mariska Hargitay, one of the stars of "Law & Order: SVU", mentioned Bails in her blog! Thanks Jess for letting us know. Make sure to read it below.
So what does this year have in store? We start with our season premiere on Wednesday September 22nd at 9 pm EST, in which Benson and Stabler are on the hunt for Joan Cusack's missing daughter. She is played by Bailee Madison, who, at ten years old, is already a huge talent (she played Nathalie Portman's daughter in “Brothers.” And working with Joan was just an absolute pleasure. Also starring in the show are Peter Strauss — he's amazing in a scene I have with him — and Lost star Henry Ian Cusick. The sparks fly between Henry and me in the first episode so the writers have brought him back for episode two. You see us in a scene you won't soon forget! (That second episode is on at 10 pm on September 22nd. Our special two-hour premiere.)... Read more?
Posted by: Dani

Sep 16
"L&O SVU" Promotionals
I found a bunch of promotional clips of Bailee's Law & Order SVU episode and she is featured in some of them. They are amazing, I'm honestly blown away! She does such a great job! I'm really excited to to watch the full episode! Remember it airs next Wednesday. You can watch the clips, plus an awesome behind the scenes video below:
Posted by: Juli

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