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Jackson Rathbone ("Cowgirls N' Angels Co-Star):
"She's amazing. She's like a 47-year-old in a 12-year-old body. Not only is she an incredible actress, she's a wonderful person. It's nice to see such a young actress be so composed and grounded. A lot of times you watch a movie about a kid growing up and you feel like you're watching from afar. With Bailee, I think she really draws you in, in a way that's relatable."

Guillermo Del Toro ("Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" Producer and Screenwriter):
"[Bailee is] So mature and very serious about her craft and she wants to learn. I love that she asks questions like, “What would you do here?” If she feels that she has been given the wrong direction she fights for it."

(When asked if he had to coach Bailee about the terror of the film) "Frankly, I wish I could say yes. We talked a little in pre-production, but then in the shoot I just had to watch her. She's fantastic. She's a 4x4, she's an ATV. She runs from mountains to lakes... She's a great actress."

Katie Holmes ("Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" Co-Star):
"It was a pleasure! She is so talented, so professional and a sweetheart. We're gonna see lots of her work for many yeas."

"It's been incredible to work with Bailee Madison. She's a pleasure to be around with and a wonderful actress"

"She's so professional and she's so talented. We had a wonderful time and she holds her own in every situation. She's amazing."

Guy Pearce ("Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" Co-Star):
(When asked about making a scary movie about a little girl without scaring the girl) "Well, you cast Bailee [Madison] who's just so mature, and I think in a way she took it on - she seriously took it on. You see the movie and you see how much screaming and crying and panic and all this sort of stuff she's got going on, and she was just really quite phenomenal in being able to go there, you know? American kids are a bit like that anyway. American kid actors are amazing that they can have such a grasp of their emotional state.

"I was intimidated by it, you know? Katie Holmes and I are like, 'Okay, we better get our sh-t together.' Well, she's a little smarty pants, and I don't mean that in a bad way. You'd be reading through a scene and you'd go to say a line and you'd go, 'Hang on, what is it?,' and she'd just say it. She just knew everyone's dialogue off the top of her head. So she was definitely someone to try and live up to."

"It was emotional and kind of overwhelming watching her work. She was incredible."

Troy Nixey ("Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" director):
"Bailee Madison’s role was probably the toughest because we saw every girl from age eight to nine in North America. She came along towards the end because she had been working on another movie. She walked in the room and you immediately knew there was something about her because she is so engaging and so talented."

"Bailee just nails it every time. She walks in a room and she just lights it up. She's so friendly and outgoing."

Neal Baer (Law and Order: SVU Producer):
"And he's - the girl who plays this role is a just really gifted young actress. We've been very lucky in the past. We've had - you know, we've had Abigail Breslin on, you know and Hayden Panettiere when they were kids, you know, before they, you know, really were known. And now we have Bailee Madison who plays this part in this episode and she's actually better known. She played the daughter of Natalie Portman. So we've got this budding movie star in the first episode as well who's an unbelievably talented young actress. So when you asked about that, she's run away and that's when - that's how we pull Ian's character into the show because he happens to be at the train station and it is a case of mistaken identity. And not mistaken as he said, but there is mistaken motives and it all sort of falls into place after that."

Tobey Maguire ("Brothers" Co-Star):
"Bailee was just as amazing. I felt bad about how I had to treat both of them at times in some of our scenes. I had to be rough on them. They understood that we were acting. Bailee would break down. It was like I was breaking her heart. After the scene, through her tears, she’d start laughing, looking and smiling at me. I’d go over and give her a big hug. We had a really nice relationship. I really enjoy those little girls so much. They’re so talented.”

Natalie Portman ("Brothers" Co-star):
"Bailee and Taylor played my daughters in the movie and they were fantastic. They are such good kids and good actresses and completely different from eachother, you know? Really individual and wonderful. They both are really genuine girls and with really really sweet parents. We had a lot of fun, we would like get together and bake on weekends and have snowball fights. It was really really nice, they're really sweet kids."

Patrick Doughtie ("Letters To God" Screenwriter ):
"Yesterday was also Bailee Madison’s last day on the movie. It was so sad to see her go. If you’ve read my previous posts, you know how special a little actor I think she is. She had to leave to fly to Australia for her next role as the lead in a movie with Katie Holmes. Today felt very strange not having her around set. Not only do I think she is wonderful, but her mom is just as great. I always enjoyed the conversations we had while Bailee was on set. She is the furthest thing away from the typical “stage mom” that you hear so much about. I think this is why Bailee is the way she is. Her mom has definitely raised her right. I will miss them both so much. I pray that Bailee has an amazing career, but always stays as down to earth as she is now."

"Bailee Madison who plays Sam, Tyler’s best friend, was truly inspirational. At her young age, she totally amazed me. I walked up to her after one of her scenes today and asked her how she was able to so easily bring on the tears. She said that she didn’t really have to try. All she did was put herself into the situation and react how she would in real life. I couldn’t believe that this little girl was so in tune with her emotions. She truly blew me away."

“Bailee Madison. She is the most precious thing I have ever seen. She was described by another as 10 pounds of cuteness stuffed into a 5 pound box. So bubbly and brings excitement to the set each day, even on days when she isn't !”

AnnaSophia Robb ("Bridge to Terabithia" Co-star):
“They just are who they are. And that's how Bailee Madison is, who plays little May Belle. She reminds me a lot of Leslie, because she was dancing around one day, and she just fell over--you know, she tripped. She wasn't embarrassed at all. She just got right back up and started dancing again. And I really admire that. And I think everyone should try to have that, because we're all just people.”

Josh Hutcherson ("Bridge to Terabithia" Co-star):
“Bailee was AMAZING! One day I was playing and she was filming a scene and I didn't realize that and I saw her crying and I was like, "Bailee - what's wrong are you okay?" She's like, "yeah, I'm just getting ready for my scene!" She's the most grown up little person I've ever met. I actually don't think I've met anyone like her in my life! I love her so much! She's like the little sister I don't have.”

Gabor Csupo ("Bridge to Terabithia" Director):
“The casting director Stephanie Corsalini, she is really good, she brought me so many choices, I mean we spent weeks and weeks, 4-5 hours a day watching tapes, then we called Bailee in and she flew in to audition. She had such a charm, even before the camera, she was just like a little sweetheart. She was very confident, she showed up shook hands with everybody, totally sweet and perky. I said “WOW!” she was just stealing everybody’s heart on the spot.”

Todd Robinson ("Lonely Hearts" Director):
“Phyllis Huffman brought me one kid, and that was Bailee; she said, "You're not going to believe this. " She was a local girl from Florida, and her mom Patty brought her in; I said, "Ok Bailee, there's this really mean guy, and he's going to hurt your mom. " In two seconds, tears were coming down this girl's face, and I was like, "You've got to be kidding me. " She was just a natural, and a pro; her mom is awesome, and not a stage mom at all. The two of them were such a pleasure to work with; they're awesome. And look where Bailee went, boom - she goes from my little movie to a major character in a $100 million movie. It was just great; if I could adopt her, I would.”

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