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I had been hearing Bailee's name here and there for a while even before watching Bridge to Terabithia. A bunch of my friends would talk about her and when I finally got to see the movie, I understood why. I was incredibly impressed by her performance! Being only five years old, she brought so much to her character and to the film, it was just amazing. I immediately fell in love with her. I still get that same feeling everytime I watch her in a new role, she keeps amazing me everytime! On top of that, she's a beautiful human being and a huge inspiration. One of the things on the top of my long "Things I Love About Bailee" list, is her smile. It's so contagious, you can't help but smile too when you look at it. So I guess you get an idea of why I decided to join my lovely friend Caroline to help her with this site, hoping to join Bailee's fans together to let her now how incredible we think she is.


I had seen pictures of Bailee in some events and thought she had the cutest smile ever, but you can't be a fan of someone just for their smile, can you? So, when I read she was going to be in CSI: NY, one my favorites shows, I was very excited, because I'd finally get the chance to see her in action. When I finished watching the episode, all I could say was 'WOW'. I couldn't believe that the little girl with the cute smile could deliver such a strong performance. I immediately bacame a huge fan. Since then, I've been keeping an eye on her career, and haven't been surprised by how many roles she books in a year. I got the chance to watch her in many roles, and she really does bring something special to each character she plays. I wasn't originally part of the Belle staff, but when I heard Caroline and Juli needed help, I offered my help without hesitation.

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